2014 Challenge!

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2014 Challenge

One of the most rewarding and inspiring programs I ran this past year was our Spring Detox .  Along with an incredible group of women (you know who you are ladies!), we supported one another, shared stories, and shed pounds!  Our detox groups are life changing, but beginning the journey on your food evolution doesn’t need to charge right out of the gate.

Start out by accessing your own situation – are you happy with how you feel?  Well, I am here to tell you that your body is designed to feel great!  It could be all about the fuel you are putting in it!

This is your call to action!  A call to charge you with putting your health at the top of your priority list starting now!  We want to be there to support you on your journey and I hope you will take advantage of what we can offer you!

Detox with us!  – Experience our 14 Day Amazon Herb Cleanse.  There is nothing like detoxing together as a group.  The amount of support generated is truly life changing and you build lasting friendships.  The rapid build-up of environmental toxins in today’s world requires a means of boosting detoxification and intestinal regularity as never before. That’s in addition to the need to clear the waste products of normal metabolism. This fantastic Detox Program helps optimize the elimination of accumulated toxins and wastes. Back by popular demand we are excited to be offering this again at The Food Evolution!  Join here!

Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy –  Vegetarian Menu Plans is a fantastic program for those people looking to incorporate more vegetarian meals into their weekly rotation.  Studies have shown that adding more plant based foods into our diet is just simply a healthy way to go.  Creating four new gluten free and dairy free recipes each week will introduce you to an array of food combinations that are receiving rave reviews.  You don’t need to be a vegetarian to embrace vegetables and this program allows you to see just how beneficial and simple integrating a vegetarian meal really is.  Give it a try and sign up today!

Cooking Classes – All of our cooking classes are designed to support you on the road to a vibrant health!  Whether you are a seasoned cook or don’t know how to use a knife, you can rest assured that you will learn some great tips and tricks in any class you sign up for.  Check out our fantastic class calendar for upcoming schedule and enroll here!

Private Nutritional Counseling – In person, by telephone, or Skype etc…Diane Hoch creates a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve your health goals. She has studied all major dietary theories and uses practical lifestyle methods to guide you in discovering which approach works best for you. For more information, click here!

Contact us with any inquiries at info@thefoodevolution.com or call 845.507.0260.

Happy 2014!



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