A Mother Earth Mother’s Day

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As summertime draws nearer, there are many spectacular yet fleeting changes in the natural world around us. Trees and plants begin to come to full flower, animals and insects start their busy, warm- weather dance, and as the rays of the sun grow stronger, we receive renewed energy. The sunshine pulls us outdoors and lets us experience the greening of the leaves, the return of birds and wildlife, and the sprouting of fresh, young, edible plants in our gardens.

A Mother’s Day Discovery of Love, Life and the Source of Food

My Mother’s Day celebration was a perfect example of enjoying the many pleasures of deep spring. I had a chance to enjoy being with my family in an idyllic setting in the glorious season of Mother Nature’s bounty. After my teenage girls brought me breakfast in bed, I suggested an outing to Midsummer Farms in Warwick , situated in a particularly lovely area of Upstate New York. So we packed a picnic lunch and set out for a nice drive in the country. My girls were so excited about touring the farm, visiting the farmer’s market stalls, and being outside in nature. We bought some fresh vegetables, four dozen eggs, and some strawberry and tomato plants.

As we were enjoying our picnic, lounging on the warm grass, enjoying the view of the wildlife, the trees, and the farm’s sweet charm, I asked my girls what they liked the most about being in nature. They told me that it made them feel calm and relaxed…happy. It made me realize that, in our busy lives, it’s easy to lose sight some of life’s most important things, like quality family time, good healthy food, and being in naturetogether.

Sitting there on the grassy hill next to the farm, my family and I were made aware of our place in the natural world. We got to bask in the warm sunshine that brings health and growth to all living things. We felt our deep connection to the earth and to the plants and foods that sustain us and nourish our bodies.

From Farm to Table

When we returned home again, renewed and refreshed, we brought with us the treasure of nature’s harvest. We planted our strawberries and tomatoes in our potted vegetable garden and made wonderful dishes using the fresh produce and eggs we bought at the farm.

We strive to create “farm to table” experiences at The Food Evolution, as well. We like to use fresh-harvested produce and ingredients as often as possible. In fact, the day after Mother’s day I taught a class called “Cooking with the Seasons” and we used some of the veggies that w

e had just brought home from the farm. This was a real treat for our class participants who really appreciated the incomparable taste of fresh-picked produced, prepared in a demonstration of flavorful dishes that they could take away as knowledge for future meals in their own homes.

Being at The Food Evolution is like being in a friend’s kitchen…like coming to someone’s home. We show families and individuals how to create beautiful, healthy and delicious meals made from ingredients that nature has provided us. The dishes we show people how to make are healthy and nourishing while at the same time our food tastes so gourmet!

The heart of your health is what you put into your body and the heart of the Food Evolution is to help people realize their connectedness with food and nature, right here in our friendly, home-style kitchen. We want to show people how joyful and easy it can be to creatively and deliciously nourish themselves and their families.

We hope that you will take some time this season to get out into nature…maybe visit a local farm. Feel the heartbeat of the earth and know you are a part of all living and growing things. This can be, like springtime, a time of renewal and of a deep recognition of our connectedness to Mother Earth and her garden of edible delights.

~Diane Hoch

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