Conquering Those Sugar Blues: Five Tips to Fight Sugar Addiction

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There is no way of getting around it – we live in a world full of temptation, from food to folly, we are faced with making decisions at every turn. Unfortunately, when it comes to food, and in particular foods full of processed sugar, there are plenty of poor choices out there vying for your attention.

Not to worry my Food Evolution Friends, we are here to teach you about your strengths, and just how powerful you truly are!

I could go on about the ill effects of processed sugar, how it is directly related to the obesity epidemic, the rise in type 2 diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease, and depression, but you already know these facts, and I am in the mood to empower those choosing to take a hold of their health.  Let’s learn how to be a part of the movement to take back your health, and the health of your family, by making choices, smart choices, one step at a time.

The roller coaster ride of sugar addiction is one that seems impossible to jump off of, but don’t throw in the towel before you take the challenge – it is well worth it!  We all want the same things for ourselves and our families – freedom, great health, and happiness – here are 5 Ways to Support Your Fight Against Sugar Addiction:

1) Start your day with a health supportive breakfast: A bowl of oatmeal mixed with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds is packed with fiber, protein, and iron and will keep you satiated until lunch. Smoothies with a great protein powder is another one of our favorites as well as homemade granola bars which we love to double and freeze as a grab and go breakfast solution. Those who skip breakfast consume 40% more sweets, 55% more soda, 45% fewer vegetables, and 30% less fruit. Beginning your day without eating breakfast is simply not a good idea as it leaves you open to making poor choices when you’re running on the go.

2) Keep nutritious snacks on hand: Throughout the day, we get hungry and often need a little pick me up. I find that buying dried fruits, nuts, and seeds in bulk and packaging them individually affords me the opportunity to grab a healthy snack any time. I also find it helpful to have a colorful vegetable platter accompanied with hummus or almond butter prepared in my fridge. These cut up veggies are a perfect solution to pack up when you’re on the go. Don’t forget that fruits like apples, pears, bananas, and oranges are also fast foods!

3) Roasted root vegetables help prevent sweet cravings: Whether as a side dish, or using the leftovers in a salad, they are delicious, health-supportive, and easy to make! They are naturally grounding, heart healthy, have superior fiber content, and loaded with beta carotene. When you roast and caramelize root vegetables, there is nothing sweeter or more delicious. From carrot fries, sweet potato wedges, butternut squash squares, and beet chips, these roasted delights are sure to please! Check out our Butternut Squash Squares Recipe Video here!

4) Drink Water: The experts tell us to drink 8 glasses of water a day and for good reason. When there is an adequate amount of water in the body, the amino acid tryptophan is converted easily to serotonin in the brain. When there are decreased levels of serotonin as a result of dehydration, this leads to sugar cravings. If you feel tired, stressed, or worn out and you’re craving something sweet, go for a large glass of water instead. Water not only fights sugar cravings, it increases mental awareness and fills your stomach. A good habit to implement is to start your day with a glass of water, and feel free to add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for an additional metabolic boost.  Providing your body with sufficient hydration throughout the day will decrease your overall sugar cravings, so drink up!

5) Exercise: Regular exercise helps reduce sugar cravings. Exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, and boosts energy. When you’re feeling this good, chances are you’re not going to want to indulge in processed sugars. Exercise may seem like a luxury, however Nature affords us walks in the park, jogs in the neighborhood, and scenic bike rides. Make the time to generate those feel good endorphins, breath in the crisp air, and enjoy the scenery!

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