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A Tribute to my Father

This month I’d like to share some unfortunate news that has personally struck myself and my family. Last weekend, I lost my father to a sudden stroke.

As we sat Shiva this past week in honor of my father, we not only received lovely, nutritious meals made by our chef’s from The Food Evolution, but also an abundance of pastries, desserts and chocolates. I noticed how easy it is to jump on the sugar addiction bandwagon. Although these sweets were made from real and non-processed foods, sugar is sugar is sugar!

The sugar cravings hit with a powerful vengeance (especially coming off of the two-week Amazon Spring Detox!) until I realized that the highs and lows associated with a sugar addiction are not helpful to the grieving process. Emotional eating is something that many people can relate to, especially in times of loss or despair. Instead of eating to nourish and feed our bodies, we eat to fill a void that seems to never be satiated. I felt a heaviness that was weighing me down more than just the grief of losing my father. That was when it hit me, and all it took was one good, green smoothie (see below for my recipe)!

My father’s death came unannounced to my family and I – as some deaths do. I remember that my father used to say “Life goes by so fast.” Thinking of those words reminds me that living in the present and being grateful for what we have enables us to get through life’s most difficult challenges. I have a renewed passion for helping others on their paths to living a vibrant, healthy life. The truth is, food is medicine and consuming the right foods is important to our physical and mental well-being. When you’re eating good and feeling good, your light is shining!

Food, good nutritious food, can nourish and help us through the obstacles life throws our way. The answer to health and happiness starts with food! How we eat and what we eat is a defining piece of the total package. This week has made me realize that I truly believe it is the largest piece of all.

Enhance your life with good, healthy, whole foods and get back into your daily routine! You can expect to find me in the kitchen, surrounded by vegetables, working on recipes for upcoming classes which I look forward to having you in!

A special thanks goes out to the family and friends who have deeply touched me during this difficult time. I am very grateful to all who have reached out. Remember to live in the moment, live on with an open heart and embrace your inner peace as well as your inner chef! Live healthy and happy!

This month’s newsletter will give you a look into how to attain your own health and happiness through nutritious and healing food!

Stay Local

market fresh

Summer is the best time to get a taste of earth’s bounty at your local farmer’s market!

Supporting your local farms also supports the economy, the community and your health! What’s better than farm fresh fruits, vegetables and greens at their peak?

When choosing farm fresh produce you are:

  • Keeping the farms in business which supports your local community. You know exactly where you dollar is going!
  • Cutting the carbon footprint! Going local cuts down the use of fossil fuels and toxin emitting trucks carrying early picked produce across the country. Vendors at the market usually travel less than 100 miles with their fresh picks!
  • Receiving the freshest possible produce, picked just moments before making it to the stands. Studies show produce loses nutritional value as time passes from harvest. Fresh is best!

Buying local is the best way to sustain our local farms, the earth and your health! Take a trip to our local farmer’s market this summer and enjoy the fresh, healthful produce, baked goods, farm raised meats and much more from each of your local farmers! It truly is a unique experience!

Check out some of our favorite local farmers and markets:

Rockland Farm Alliance
Cropsey Community Farm
Nyack Farmer’s Market
Goshen Green Farm
Mid-Summer Farm
Taliaferro Farms


Choose Organic

What’s with all the hype around today’s food production and the risk to consumers? With the addition of GMO’s, hormones, antibiotics and cancer causing pesticides to our foods we are truly risking our health as well as environmental sustainability. So what can we do to help ourselves and our planet? Choose organic! usda organic

The truth is that when you make the choice to buy organic, you’re impacting both the planet and your body.  Organic food is produced by certified farmers using renewable resources without the use of harmful pesticides and additives causing disease and harm to our environment.  When you buy organic you are also supporting a huge cause to stop the use of these chemicals, hormones and pesticides. You have the opportunity to be a part of something larger than yourself!

Some of the uncertainty around buying organic lies in the cost. Although the price of some organic options may range a little higher than your conventional produce, the nutritional and economic benefits outweigh the cost. Try comparing the cost to that of your medical bill – it is well worth it!

The cost of organic food is based on the true cost of growing. Growing organic is more labor intensive and the price more than reflects the quality of the food you are getting. You have power in the dollar you spend! What’s better than fresh, true food without the harmful additives? See for yourself and pick up some fresh, organic, seasonal sugar snap peas or strawberries this week. You’ll taste and feel the difference after the first bite!

Support your health, the environment and the planet by buying organic. It’s one small step on the journey to vibrant health!


Special Thanks…

A special thank you goes out to the family and friends who have deeply touched me during this difficult time. I am very grateful to all who have reached out. Remember to live in the moment, live on with an open heart and embrace your inner peace as well as your inner chef! Live healthy and happy!

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