Food Education in Corporate Wellness

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As the Founder and CEO of The Food Evolution, nutrition and cooking center, and as a health advocate looking to enter the field of Corporate Wellness, I’ve found some great articles and bloggers who have been entrenched in corporate wellness thus far. I have also found that our program “The Healthy Cooking Challenge” can serve to educate people about the difference eating healthy food can make in their life, and just how achievable this goal can be.

As we’re searching for solutions to our healthcare crisis (obesity epidemic, diabetes, and heart disease)  work site wellness has been creating programs that will enable people to find relief. It’s interesting to see that the fitness arena is one that seems to be widely accepted when looking for change. People are more comfortable with exercising and even welcome the challenge. I have seen a huge shift in focus and believe it is the perfect time to come in with a program to teach people about real food. The Food Evolution is poised to lead the crusade and do just that.  The food piece is a subject that has been difficult to address since food is so personal. People struggle with the idea of substituting their favorite snack with a healthy alternative. They’re not to blame. Sugar is addicting. Sugar addiction is on par with drug addiction, it’s even compared to cocaine addiction – for good reason. It has a major hold on people and unfortunately yields detrimental effects on our bodies. Our 10 week program to healthy eating is going to change people’s lives.

Right now we are successful in accomplishing our goals to help people learn to cook healthy food at the community level. Our data yields a huge opportunity to provide comprehensive programs at a corporate level.  In work site wellness programs, we are looking to engage, entertain and educate people and we’ve found a fun way to do that.

There’s a lot of talk of ROI and perhaps all of the talk of ROI and how to measure it should be based on the fact that we have to look at what we’re offering. Studies have found that wellness programs don’t increase the ROI. There are many ways to assess ROI, and teaching people to connect with their food is a great leap forward towards paying employers back by increasing employee productivity and reducing absenteeism, to name a few. A happy and healthy person is a happy and healthy employee, thus adding to company bottom line.

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