Healthy Eating in the New Year

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Eating healthy in the New Year may seem like a huge task to tackle, but it doesn’t have to be! By engaging in a supportive community like the Food Evolution you can start off 2012 on the right foot, with plenty of energy and encouragement to seek out positive change and exciting challenges!

There’s no need to be hard on yourself when it comes to meeting new ventures in the upcoming year. Setting up strict rules and deadlines may seem like the best option at first, but this can often take the fun out of what should be a fresh, invigorating and empowering adventure full of curiosity and play.

We believe in an approach to creating New Year’s resolutions that stems from being, first and foremost, kind and loving to yourself!

Set realistic goals.
You don’t need to cut bad habits cold turkey to feel like a success story, and you don’t need to overhaul your entire life to make significant change. Instead, try focusing on attainable goals, and every time you reach one, set a new meaningful hurdle for yourself to leap. Bit by bit, you can built a roadmap to change, one that has you evolving just a little bit every day.

Give yourself permission to enjoy real, whole foods.
Learn to make things that are delicious AND good for you. Open yourself to the possibilities of approaching food in a new way. Make cooking a time for invention, play, self-discovery and fun instead of a chore. Use cooking as a way to build relationships and become part of a community.

Remember to share.
The Food Evolution Kitchen is a perfect example of how good health is contagious. Share the enjoyment of good food and good health with the people you care about the most.

Things are always difficult until you know how to do them, so relish in the risk of learning!

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