Healthy Food, Healthy Wallet

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Shopping organic doesn’t have to mean forking over all your cash in the process. Here’s a few helpful tips to make sure you don’t break the bank during your own Food Evolution.

* Make one day a week vegetarian day. Eliminating meat from just one day can make a big impact on your food budget. It’s also a great way to get creative! Explore ways to replace meat in your favorite meals. Try making burgers with thick, fleshy Portobello Mushrooms instead of beef.

* Buy seasonal. It usually means that you’re buying local, which means fewer middlemen between you and farmers. Seasonal food is also much more abundant, and therefore much cheaper!

* Plan out meals in advance so you can buy in bulk. Knowing exactly when you’re going to eat your food is also a smart way to make sure you don’t end up tossing a lot of it when it accidentally passes its expiration date.

* Take the guesswork out of hunting for sales with the Internet. Most big grocers have websites. You can check out deals online before you ever set foot in the store!

* Keep buying organic! The more people shop organic, the more the industry grows. As more retailers get into the game and angle for a piece of the market share, prices go down to become more competitive.

When in doubt, remember that your body deserves fresh, natural food.

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