Is it Delicious or is it Organic?

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How Real Food Can Be Both

The thought of healthy, organic food sometimes conjures images of a plateful of bland, tasteless millet with undercooked watercress on the side. But if natural, whole foods are prepared with finesse and are combined with the right spices and seasonings, the result can be a meal than can rival and eclipse gourmet fare at any five-star restaurant in the world. Armed with the right culinary skills, the ideas of “delicious” and “organic” need not be mutually exclusive.

Welcome to the World of Real Food

Our palates have become used to fatty, rich, over-seasoned food with a too-heavy emphasis on meats and starches to the exclusion of the more complex and delicate flavors of fresh vegetables and whole grains. Many of us don’t even know what organic kale or quinoa tastes like. But these and other vegetables and grains, when artfully concocted into a robust main dish or delectable side, can make that medium-rare slab of meat and mound of potatoes seem blah by comparison.

I recently taught a couple’s class that featured just these kinds of dishes. At the end of the evening when we were enjoying what we had prepared, one couple in particular was raving about the taste of the food. The wife explained that she hadn’t told her husband that they would be cooking with “organic, healthy” ingredients. If she had used that terminology, he affirmed, he would never have come to the class. He was happily surprised by the scrumptious meal he was enjoying and a favorable impression of real, fresh, organic food was lodged firmly in this man’s mind.

As Easy As One, Two, Three

Cooking with vegetables as the main part of a meal isn’t really all that difficult, either. When broken down into easy steps, a wonderful vegetable dish–whether as a side or a main entre, or even a kid-pleasing snack–can be whipped up with ease when you have the right know-how.

It is a privilege and a joy to introduce people to the ease and pleasure of cooking natural, whole foods. At The Food Evolution, we demonstrate how to prepare meals using fresh, organic ingredients like vegetables grown in mineral rich soil, free from pesticides and chemicals. We show how the tastes of real vegetables from a bio-diverse garden or real free-range poultry are far and away superior to their non-organic, “unreal” supermarket counterparts.

Further, there are particular health benefits of the specific foods that we use in our recipes. We teach people how these foods can provide greater stamina and increased energy, and how some even have medicinal properties. We love to show people how truly delicious healthy, organic food can be and how they can harness the amazing natural resources that are available through real food. We help families and friends start new mealtime traditions through cooking wonderful new dishes and then sharing the joy of eating together .

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