Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure & Protection

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The toxicity in our environment today can be scary. Considering that there have been radioactive leaks in the world, both past, present and what seems to look like the future, I thought it relevant to offer some food choices that are beneficial to protect our bodies against the harmful effects of radiation exposure.

The harmful effects of radiation can sometimes go unnoticed in the body. Over time, a low level of radiation exposure can lead to issues such as digestive imbalance, blood alterations, tissue and organ destruction and cancer. There is a major concern around this level of radiation so we want to share some powerful ammunition – foods you should start incorporating into your diet!

Here is our list of 5 foods which can help protect your body against the harmful effects of radiation:

cilantroCilantro: You may have read our post, Fresh Herbs, More Than Just a Garnish, outlining the health benefits of these underrated fresh herbs. If so, then you’ve read up on how detoxifying cilantro is. Cilantro can help remove heavy metals like lead, mercury and uranium from our organs and blood stream. It acts as the kidney’s assistant to help flush out our system and protect against the dangers of radiation exposure!


Burdock Root: This strong little root is known for its use in natural medicinal remedies for everything from treating colds to detoxifying our blood! It’s medicinal qualities help protect against radiation damage by neutralizing and removing radioactive cells and isotopes from the body. Burdock can also help prevent and reverse DNA damage from radiation exposure. To get the most out of this root, keep it raw to avoid destroying the nutritional enzymes – you can do so by adding the raw root to your smoothie or juice!


KaleDark Leafy Greens: Just another reason we love dark leafy greens! Like cilantro,  our larger dark leafy greens are made up of chlorophyll, an alkaline component that helps provide protection from radiation damage. Not only do they help detoxify the liver and kidney, but these detoxifying qualities help prevent cancer as well. Darker leafy greens like kale, collards and mustard greens are your best bet for reducing the effect of radiation. Pair two or more to get the most resistance!


Sea Vegetables: Much like our land vegetables, sea vegetables are useful in detoxifying heavy metals from the body and protecting against radiation effects. Most sea vegetables (like kelp, kombu and wakame) are also excellent, natural sources of iodine – an element vital in protecting the thyroid from radiation exposure and the development of thyroid cancer. Just as with other foods, enjoy sea vegetables in moderation and know exactly where they are coming from to avoid vegetables from contaminated water (we love the Main Coast sea vegetables)!


LRD_22012013_0126Beets: Our circulatory systems are extremely vulnerable to any level of radiation and exposure can lead to body infections and increased likelihood of developing cancers of the blood. Fortunately, beets protect and aid the circulatory system in absorbing and detoxifying radioactive isotopes that may cause damage. They provide nutrients to rebuild damaged hemoglobin, broken down from radiation exposure.  Boiled, steamed or roasted, these root vegetables will protect your body and blood for optimal resistance to radiation!







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