Antonette Jerome

Antonette_Jerome_the_food_evolutionI came to the United States, in 1982, from India. The southern region is entirely different from the northern region, in terms of food, language and the culture. From my childhood, I have a very strong love and devotion for cooking, including trying different regional cooking. Most of the southern Indian cooking is healthy, made with only the finest and freshest ingredients centering on vegetarian dishes with meat, fish and chicken as an accompaniment. Indian foods contain many spices, so preparation is key to cooking a perfect meal. After I came to the United States, I learned to become more innovative and creative in cutting down the cooking time, without sacrificing the quality and taste of the food. I have also learned to cook to meet the taste of the people, with different culture and background.

As a healthcare professional for 20 years, I recognize and emphasize the importance of nutritious, tasty and colorful food. I bring this knowledge of nutritional and delicious cooking from my house to yours.

It's all about health, love & cooking.

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