Spring Into Wellness March 2014

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Spring is in the air!  There is a wonderful energy stirring from the earth and you can sense it wanting  to emerge and become a part of our lives. Give yourself the opportunity to make a difference in your life through the choices you make.  Getting back into nature, taking a walk,  cooking a healthy meal, or reading a book. Now is a beautiful time as we begin to see the signs of spring to look inward at what your inner self is asking you for.  It truly is a time to connect with nature and allow ourselves the opportunity to absorb all the wonderful nutrients that the outdoors can bring. After all, we could all use some more Vitamin D after the winter we have endured.

The Food Evolution offers variety of classes that will incorporate the seasonal fruits, vegetables and whole grains onto your plate. Care for yourself through your actions. Welcome the opportunity to join a CSA ( Community Sponsored Agriculture)and learn more about ways you can support local agriculture and benefit from the delicious veggies!

I would also like to congratulate our Detox group who did so incredibly well and accomplished what we all set out to do, which was cleanse, slow down, and detoxify.  That is the mantra that we want to talk about because feeling vibrant and healthy is achievable and we have the power to succeed. The Food Evolution has the key components that will assist people to connect with their food, and learn about  this intimate connection in a real-time way. We really need to take a step back sometimes and regroup, because we’re caught up in routines where we are overbooked, over-scheduled, and on information overload. Ultimately, being in touch with nature is healing beyond belief, and provides the total package of health and wellness.

We hope to connect with you soon!


In the Best of Health,


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