Staying Slim During the Holidays

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Do you find yourself asking, “Why am I the type of person that overeats during the Holidays?” You’re not alone. The truth is that there isn’t just one type or kind of person that overindulges as the year’s end races up to meet us. We all have been known to let loose on a Holiday feast or two, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Delicious food is absolutely everywhere during this time of year, with people going out of their way to prepare dishes passed down through generations. Sweets and great drinks abound together with friends and family.

So how do you tread the line between enjoyment and overkill? The first thing to remember is that everyone eats more during the Holidays, so don’t let guilt creep up on you. Guilt can fuel binge eating, after all, so treat yourself well by not letting negative feelings get in the way of your enjoyment!

There’s a way to honor family recipes that takes incorporates the best of healthy cooking. In the Food Evolution kitchen, we’ve been coming together to look at ways to tweak and test new recipes to put healthy spins on traditional meals. We want to keep traditional dishes alive by making them as nourishing, delicious and visually appealing as we can, so that they continue to be passed down from one loved one to another.

Quick tips for feeling good when holiday partying:

  1. Have a light snack before you hit up the Holiday party circuit. No, we’re not suggesting that you spoil your dinner! Instead, make sure you’ve got something in your belly, so that when you arrive you can taste a bit of everything without focusing on filling up. It’s a much better strategy than showing up starving!
  2. Chewing gum is also an easy way to distract from overdoing it. It keeps your mouth busy.
  3. Add seltzer to wine to make a tasty wine spritzer. You can cleverly cut calories while staying more hydrated and limiting your alcohol intake.
  4. Lastly, strategic positioning is always important: if you’re the type who find themselves always grabbing for one more brownie, don’t stand so close to the sweets table! Put some obstacles between you and tantalizing sweets by creating some distance.

No matter what you eat this holiday season, enjoy it!

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