Super Spices

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lrd_22012013_0197Among our list of flu fighters are the two super spices of the season, Ginger and Garlic. These two health warriors are filled with metabolic enhancers and anti-bacterial properties.

Ginger is a natural antihistamine and decongestant, perfect for the seasonal sniffles. This pungent root eliminates toxins and warms the body reducing colds and not only relieving flu and cold symptoms, but potentially preventing it!

Don’t be discouraged by Garlic’s bad breath rep! This little flavorful root is packed
with allicin, a natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial compound. The nutrients
in garlic boost the immune system, providing the ability to fight off infection
and stave off colds and flu.

lrd_22012013_0198The natural antibiotic properties found in these super spices are sure to save you plenty of cash on expensive medications. Shave a little Ginger into your morning cup of tea or dice a tablespoon or two of Garlic into your favorite dinner dish to warm the cold and fight off the fear of the flu.

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