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Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy:
New online subscription program designed to take the guess-work out of healthy, plant-based family meals.

 The Food Evolution is proud to present Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy. Diane Hoch, CHC, Natural Foods Chef, and CEO of The Food Evolution has compiled her best tried and true, seasonal, family friendly vegetarian recipes through classes here over the past three years and is thrilled to share these with you, along with helpful tips and support.

Whether you are just stepping up to the cutting board for the first time or are a seasoned chef, you will be supplied with the essentials to assist you along the way. You will be amazed at the difference you can make in your eating habits and those of your loved ones. Put health at the top of your priority list, you are worth it!

Numerous studies have proven that a plant-based diet will increase longevity, promote weight control and cut the risk of disease. The abundance of foods that are grown from the earth contain essential disease fighting components that support our immune system in preventing  inflammation, the root cause of many diseases.  Vegetarian diets reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and Cancer; in fact, studies show vegetarians are 40% less likely to develop Cancer than meat eaters. This is due to the combination of less total fat, fewer contaminants, more fiber and more disease-fighting vitamins and minerals.

If you’re concerned about getting enough protein on a plant-based diet, then what you’re about to find out will subdue your worries. Many people believe that protein is only available from meat and animal sources; however the truth is that plant-based meals provide more than enough protein!  Eating a variety of plant foods will provide you with an essential intake of protein and Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy will provide you with the tools and information on how to start!

Plant-based meals include more leafy greens, whole grains, beans and legumes which all contain a healthful amount of protein. Whole grains, such as quinoa, are a great source of protein. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids, making this little vegetarian superfood a “complete protein.” Pairing whole grains with dark leafy greens will only up the nutritional value, but if you’re still worried about getting enough protein from your meal, beans and legumes are a great inclusion as well!

The truth is that a plant-based diet is proven to be a healthier diet. If you’re not a vegetarian or you are not interested in being one, that’s okay! Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy is simply a program to help you steadily incorporate more plant-based meals into your meal rotation. You do not need to completely eliminate your meat, being a flexitarian is okay – everything in moderation! However, including more plant-based meals into your weekly routine will improve the health of you and your family – and we’ve taken care of the hard part for you!

Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy takes the guess-work out of preparing vegetarian meals and supplies you with the essentials to get started. Varying with subscription, you will receive recipes, community support, video tutorials and helpful add on’s to make it all the more convenient!  To sign up, or for more information visit our new website or feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone!     (845)-507-0260

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