The Power of Green

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How Green Plant Foods can Revolutionize Your Health

When we think of the color green, we think of springtime, freshness, energy, healing and growth. We think of tall and lush trees, grassy lawns and plants of all varieties. Green is a restful yet energizing color…it makes us feel good just to think of green.

Within the chakra system, green is the color of the heart chakra and is associated with love. In color therapy, green is often referred to as the master color, benefitting all health problems. In Chinese medicine, green has healing properties for the heart and liver and is a balancing agent. It can be both calming and energizing.

And…there is another, even more fundamental reason that we associate healing and restoration with the color green.

Chlorophyll Power

Human beings, like all living organisms rely upon life energy and the power of the sun. Green plants are green because of chlorophyll which is the substance that is responsible for the transmutation of light energy from the sun into growing plants. This process is called photosynthesis.

Foods that are highest in chlorophyll are greenest in color and have the greatest healing potential. Chlorophyll has been called “green blood’ because it is similar to hemoglobin, differing only in its central binding mineral. Foods that are rich in chlorophyll are extremely purifying and useful in building new cells and improving the quality of our bloodstream. They can rebalance the body’s chemistry, help the blood deliver oxygen to our cells, and even help to heal the body from degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, liver problems and many other health conditions.

Chlorophyll-rich, green foods have the ability to halt harmful bacterial and fungal growth in wounds and the digestive tract, to eradicate body odor, to remove toxins and drug deposits, and reverse the effects of carcinogens. Sounds amazing right?!

Kale, swiss chard, bok choy, spinach, collard greens, broccoli, wheat and barley grasses, and micro-algae are superior sources of chlorophyll, although all plants contain some chlorophyll. Green foods also contain other vital nutrients: vitamins and minerals and various phytonutrients that are essential in the formation of healthy tissue, cells and organ functions. Green plants and grasses contain essential fatty acids, trace minerals, and amino acids along with other vital nutrients to allow upwards of 80% of all mammals to survive and thrive on a diet made up entirely of green foods.

Luscious Greens

Learning to prepare some of these dark leafy greens can seem like a daunting task for many who have never used them in recipes before! Creating these hearty homemade salad suppers, vegetarian delights, green smoothies and scrumptious foods are easy to learn and include some of the basic culinary skills necessary to achieve optimum health. We just love teaching people how to create some of these delectable dishes!

When we include greens in our meals, we are doing more than filling out our plates with something green to fulfill the standard recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables. When we consume a diet that is consciously centered around substantial amounts of leafy greens, sprouts, green vegetables and green grasses we are crowding out unhealthy foods and purifying the body of toxic substances. This is because the body will always utilize the highest quality nutrients available to build new, healthy cells—replacing toxic, weak, or diseased cells. This is why green food is so healing.

Green Vitality

Finding ways to incorporate greens into your diet is easier than you might imagine and can be an adventure in culinary delight! Most of the classes we offer at the Food Evolution teach you to include greens and other healthy foods while we show you how to prepare tasty yet simple meals.

So remember: Eat your greens. Green is life, green is good for you, and green is glorious!

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