US Veg Week 2013: Pledge to be Meat-Free, For Just ONE Week!

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The Food Evolution is proud to announce our pledge to be meat-free for US Veg Week 2013!  Veg Week starts April 22nd through the 28th and we are ready to kick off , how about you?

US Veg Week is a 7 day meat-free “vegpledge,” now in its 5th year! It is an excellent opportunity to explore meat-free foods and discover the numerous health benefits of vegetarian eating. The truth is, a plant-based diet has been proven in numerous studies to be the healthier option. Obesity and disease rates are increasing in the United States and many of these studies are proving that a vegetarian diet can help prevent and even reverse these illnesses. Plant-based diets simply improve your health and help you feel your best, so why not set aside one week to give your body what it has been looking for – the gift of health!

If you do decide to pledge meat-free for this year’s US Veg Week, take the next step in your journey with us – we’re here to help!  The Food Evolution supports US Veg Week 2013 and its  steady approach to not only expanding your knowledge of vegetarian meals but also, most importantly, improving your health.  

Our online menu planning subscription,Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy, offers a similar approach to incorporating vegetarian meals into your weekly menu. Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy takes the guess-work out of preparing healthful plant-based meals and  provides the essentials along the way. Each week we will send you four delicious vegetarian recipes with a menu planning template and shopping list. If you opt for an upgraded subscription you have the opportunity to receive community support in a Google + Hangout Session once a month and even video tutorials to cook with Diane along the way! Vegetarian or not, these once a week vegetarian meals will give you head start on improving your health, one meal at a time!


Try it out first! Pledge meat-free with the US Veg Week for one week and see how good you will feel. If you’re ready for the next step, Vegetarian Menu Plans Made easy has the tools to help guide you. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a vegetarian but you’re overwhelmed by the abundance of information or you’re unsure what to do with those fresh  leafy greens and veggies, don’t worry! We have the nutritional knowledge, recipes and support to help you on the journey to vibrant health.

Stand up for your health today! Pledge meat-free for one week and if you’d like to continue incorporating delicious vegetarian meals into your weekly routine,  join us with Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy. Put your health at the top of your priority list – after all, you are worth it!


*Did you know Americans eat 1 million chickens per hour? Be a part of the movement to maintaining a sustainable environment and optimal health, pledge for one week. For more information, resources and to pledge, visit the US Veg Week website.


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