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Do you want to eat more like nature intended: seasonal, sustainable, and health supportive foods?

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You’ve heard all the buzz around gluten and dairy. Every time you turn around, another celebrity or acquaintance is telling you about their newfound energy, newly glowing complexion, and shrinking waistline.

What we’re offering here isn’t a magic pill. Planning meals can be stressful and change can seem like a daunting task. Taking gluten and dairy out of my family’s diet changed our lives dramatically. It was a part of my personal journey and today it can be a part of yours!

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Vegetarian Menu Plans Made Easy

For $9.99 a month you get:
• 4 Delicious Recipes each week that comprise complete plant-based meals
• Weekly Shopping List
• Menu Planning Template
• Invitation to Join VMP Members Only Private Facebook Page
• Personalized Attention via email from a Health Counselor and Chef
• Copy of my Magical Elixir’s Ebook featuring 6 recipes of my favorite drinks

Let Us Plan Your Meals

With your subscription you get recipes, a built in online community, and all of the attention you need via email. You’re also going to receive a copy of my Magical Elixir Ebook featuring 6 recipes of my favorite drinks including Green Smoothies, Spritzers, Teas, and Protein Shakes.

With your recipes package that comes every Friday, you will also get a menu-planning template to help you plan your meals through the weeks as you collect more recipes. You can make use of leftovers and re-create dishes, helping you incorporate more of these delicious health supportive meals into your family’s weekly cooking regimen.

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“Diane, thank you so much for the latest batch of recipes! As always, they were everything you promised: delicious, filling and nutritious. My mom and I had a blast making the red lentil soup together. She typically avoids anything with red lentils (she occasionally eats the green ones), but she fell in love with this recipe and she is on board for trying more of your dishes, which is a miracle because she is usually a strict, traditional meat and potatoes Irish gal. My usually carb-addicted husband is also hooked on your recipes, and we are in the process of converting our toddlers to them. I truly look forward to your family friendly, easy to follow recipes every week — and everyone I cook them for is delighted, even if they start out scared of some of the more esoteric (in their minds at least) ingredients. Easy gourmet food that no one argues with…wow. You have made my life as a working mom so much easier. Thank you!”

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