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Menu for a Meatless Monday Class

Diane, you speak from your heart. Your love for holistic living shines through and your stress of healthy eating & being.— Anjali

I learned a lot about vegetarian meals – and loved how it tasted in the end!— Christine F.

Enjoyed my first class. I find cooking sometimes overwhelming. Diane made it fun and easy. Thanks!— Ann O.

Ciao Italia! Class

Marcella’s enthusiasm and passion for cooking is contagious. I learned so many things about herbs and the chemistry of cooking. The environment is so welcoming and encouraging. – Cheryl A.

Great Class! Great food! I loved that it was gluten-free – something I want to incorporate into my life more! —Pam T.

I enjoyed learning about the benefits of fresh, organic ingredients (outside of the normal fat/cholesterol but more about the vitamins and nutrients). – Walter & Holly

I was pleasantly surprised that Marcella made it all dairy free. My son has a severe dairy allergy. Yay! Something helpful.— Deanna C.

Cooking With The Seasons Vegetarian Class

So glad to see someone taking their time to help us eat to live & not live to eat.— Gloria P.

Learning about the various ingredients and learning what Diane has to show about various tricks, i.e. onion chopping was my favorite part.— Janice A.

Such a friendly atmosphere – I love hands on oven demo classes and in here you get your hands dirty – yay!— Sue Q.

Couples’ Cooking with the Seasons Class

I loved Diane’s creativity with the spices!— Darlene M.

The class was very well done. The instructor was very informative on cooking, shopping and organic foods. – Rosemarie & George B.

Amazon Herb Detox

The camaraderie of our detox group was essential to our success in completing the cleanse. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of each of the women in our cohort.

This course has helped to open up a healthy lifestyle and life by learning of our human connection to healthy food.

Chicken Three Ways

Love the cooking style. Very friendly environment, made me enjoy cooking. I definitely have the cooking bug. Bring on the chicken! – Marla L.

The food was great! Instructions on how to cook the meals were simple and easy to follow. I will definitely be cooking as soon as I get home!  Tasha

The class was a lot of fun, relaxing and it was great doing hands on. – Anonymous

Cooking with the Seasons

Love the healthy ingredients and way to combine them. I enjoyed taking part in the cooking and enjoyed the food. I loved the tips! Lots of fun! – Laura T.

Very fun, informational, yet casual environment. Very good atmosphere for proficient chefs and newbies! – Kelly P.

Basic Knife Skills Class

The skills presented were very helpful and will definitely be useful for the future. The instructor was laid-back and friendly, great recipes and healthy too. — Julianne D.

Couples’ Cooking: A Night in Tuscany

We enjoyed the combination of learning, participating and eating. The whole group experience was a great way to spend the evening. — Lynn & Stephen S.

Loved that we were able to execute a soup, a main course, salad AND dessert! — Mary Florin M.

This was so much fun! It was a delicious meal and an awesome experience.— Anonymous

Vegetarian Delights Class

Diane is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to cook with her. I also liked the focus on local farm/produce, it is important to support local business owners as part of a socially conscious eating lifestyle.— Joshua B.
These dishes were very flavorful and simple to make. I enjoyed the hands on demonstration and Diane was great in answering questions and very encouraging. – Yvette C.

Authentic Indian Cuisine

The food was delicious!!! Hands-on work and food preparation, great group dynamics and conversation!— Cindy

I loved everything!! The food and the instructors were both awesome! — Liz

Fish Three Ways

I liked how the instructors included tips on what types of food to buy and gave helpful hints about avoiding certain products.

Excellent class! Delicious food! Easy, simple recipes I can do at home. —anonymous

Diane really got everyone involved and she was so much fun. The class and recipes were easy and so enjoyable. The energy level was amazing and everyone got involved. —Tara M.

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