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The Healthy Cooking Challenge

Corporate wellness has seen a huge shift in focus and we are excited that employers are looking at the importance of nutrition education and the impact it can have on the health and wellness of their employees. The “Healthy Cooking Challenge” is the missing link for employee wellness programs, proving to be fun, engaging, and motivating towards optimal health. The Food Evolution is leading the crusade by offering a program that will educate people about the connection between what we eat and our health. This program connects the many aspects of a person’s health and wellness uniting family relationships, wellness accountability, and the workplace. Our programs encouraging healthy eating are changing people’s lives.

It has been a long goal of corporations to reduce chronic health risks through diet and exercise. If the organization attains their goal, it improves employee productivity, wellbeing, maintains the sustainability of employer sponsored health plans, and ultimately increases the ROI. While programs are in progress, and some showing favorable results, longevity of those results have become a substantial concern.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about half of all adults (approximately 117 million people) have one or more chronic health conditions, which include obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
From 2011, Forbes recorded that more than two-thirds of adults (70.1%) were obese. The medical costs linked to obesity were estimated to be $160 billion in 2010. Annual medical costs for people who are obese are over $2,000 higher than those for people of normal weight. The CDC revealed  the estimated cost for diabetes was $245 billion in 2012, including $69 billion representing the decreased productivity costs. The decreased productivity costs include costs associated to absenteeism, being less productive while at work, and ultimately not being able to work due to their health condition. The statistic that seemed most accountable, synonymous to being the cause of the data above, is that over 30% of adolescents and adults admitted to consuming fruit and vegetables less than once a day.


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