Alex Hadassah Anzalone

alex_hadassah_anzalone_the_food_evolutionAlex Hadassah Anzalone is a Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef.  Her summers in the Mediterranean growing up instilled a profound appreciation in her for the elegant simplicity of freshly picked, high quality whole foods –and how superbly inspiring they can be to our taste buds.  It also taught her the importance of taking time out in our day to breath, eat, and enjoy our lives.  Through her cooking classes and coaching, she shares her passion for easy-to-prepare, healthy and delicious meals, and helps her clients to create a life of health, fitness, happiness and balance. [Alex is also an Attorney, with a part-time practice in Nyack.] To learn more about Alex, visit

It's all about health, love & cooking.

  • The Food Evolution is a nutrition and cooking center designed to teach you how to prepare delicious and nutritious "whole foods".