5 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

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Spring is in fruition and summer is quickly approaching which means: allergy season. As you are familiar, we firmly believe in using “food as medicine” and are delighted to share some of our favorite health supportive foods that fight off unwanted allergies. Along with the benefits listed in relation to allergy relief, they are also ingredients that are cancer fighting, provide cardiovascular support, and promote overall well-being.

1. Local Honey: Local honey contains small amounts of pollen and by taking a teaspoon everyday you are familiarizing you body with local pollen and therefore de-sensitizing your immune system so that inflammation will not occur when pollen is in the air. The approach works synonymsly to vaccinations and allergy shots where a small portion of the virus is injected in order to expose your body to the disease and your immune system can strengthen and learns to reject the virus.

2. Peppermint Tea: Peppermint oil contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components which serve as natural decongestants. It is also notable that warm liquids are easily utilized by the body and warm peppermint tea can help clear sinuses and alleviate sore throats caused by allergies.

3. Garlic: Incorporating 2 raw cloves of garlic into your daily routine will offer immense benefits to your immune system. Garlic is a cardiovascular advocate! It helps to fight chest infections, which will support breathing and reduce coughing and congestion. Don’t be deterred by the aroma garlic produces as you can easily incorporate it by adding it your morning juice or smoothie, mincing it on top of a salad, or adding it to a homemade bean dip or salsa.

4. Oregano: When it comes to oregano, the trick is in the approach! Dried, fresh, and oil versions of this spice offers great comfort for a number of ailments, and will provide anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Boiling dried oregano in water and inhaling the steam (carefully, of course) can decongest and refresh the sinuses. Chewing fresh oregano can alleviate throat itchiness and soreness caused by seasonal allergies. Adding oregano oil to water can produce a spray that can reduce bacteria around the home. Additionally, by diluting oregano oil with a carrier oil (to dilute) and placing drops under tongue for 5 minutes, then rinsing with warm water, the effect will loosen congestion and calm throat inflammation. We also love fresh oregano in the summer mixed in with our favorite salad greens!

5. Netti Pot: Netti pots are small pots designed to remove sinus pressure and clear out nasal cavities. They are ideal for people with sinus symptoms from allergies, and have success in alleviating congestion, facial pain (sinus headaches)and removing excess mucus from the body. For a thorough cleansing, we like using warm water with a small amount of table salt.

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