February Newsletter – Diane’s Letter

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I started out this winter season enjoying the snow, and while I still do enjoy the beauty of a snowfall blanketing the region, covering the trees to create a scenic postcard, or glistening in the morning sunshine, I have to say that the cold temperatures have gotten a bit much!

In true form, I do want to focus on the positive aspects of being holed up inside my house for what seems to be days on end – there truly is so much that I have to be grateful for and have found much joy in being home and cooking, nurturing those I care most about in this world!

The Food Evolution was born out of my love for cooking, and nurturing through health supportive food.  As a “stay at home” mother, cooking and being home to raise my girls was one of the greatest pleasures for me and still is today.  Since I opened The Food Evolution kitchen in 2010, I have not had as much time to be cooking in my “home kitchen” surrounded by my girls.  Over the past few snowy weeks I have enjoyed cooking at home with my girls coming in and out of the kitchen.  One at a time or together they were sitting down and telling me stories of their day, expressing how they love when I am cooking their favorite things and spending time with them.

My oldest daughter who is a freshman studying away from home called in and connected by phone!  She saw a post on Facebook for one of our Healthy Breakfast classes picturing her favorite Granola Bars and posted a comment “Please give me some now!”.  I decided to make a triple batch of my famous granola bars and surprise her by mailing her a package of these freshly baked bundles of love!  Triple batch because I wanted to have enough to share these family favorite treats.

What a fantastic text message I received when my daughter did open her package.  I do believe it brought me as much happiness as it did her when she opened the box to find her favorite granola bars!  I believe she texted “Home Cooking makes me so happy!”

Taking the time to step away from the endless “to do” list and set it aside is a conscious choice.  Remember,  your long list is still going to be there when you come back to it.  It is so important to make time to fill yourself up with what makes you happy!  Do something nice for yourself!

Whether it be cooking nurturing food in the kitchen, or bundling up and going to the movies or ice skating – Make the time to do the things that fill your heart with joy!

Show the people you love that you care about them – through actions.

February is a wonderful month to celebrate love, friendship, and self-care!


Wishing you much happiness,

In the Best of Health,

 Diane Hoch

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