Food Is Hydrating Too!

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Studies have found that the human body is made up of over 60% water, and the brain is made up of over 75% water. Therefore, our organs and blood system heavily depend on our water intake to operate properly. This leads us to believe that unless we’re consuming the minimal daily requirement of 8 glasses of water as well as eating hydrating fruits and vegetables, we’re easily at risk of being dehydrated and putting our bodies at a disadvantage.

It’s important to refer to food when we’re talking about hydration because being hydrated goes beyond the scope of a glass of water. While we certainly believe it’s essential to drink 64 ounces of water a day, we want to offer additional ways to get water into your system through the right food. What we need to remember is that 80% of the body’s fluids come from water and 20% of the body’s fluids come from food. Imagine if you’re only taking in the minimal 64 ounces?  You’re missing out on functioning at 100%!

The message we’re sending is that foods are hydrating. There are many ways to hydrate your body through the foods that we eat. Using only our sense of sight, we can tell that fruits and vegetables are bursting with water. Packaged foods are dried and often crispy, so they provide no hydration at all. People often misunderstand their feelings of thirst as feelings for hunger, which causes them to over eat the wrong foods. Most headaches and cramping can be relieved from drinking a tall glass of water since this is our body’s way of communicating to us that we are dehydrated.

Imagine being able to shed pounds simply by drinking water? It’s interesting to learn that certain foods help to retain water in your body, which will keep you feeling nourished and satisfied. At The Food Evolution, we offer ways to not only connect with your food, but also connect with your body. You’ll discover what food makes you feel good, and no longer crave the ingredients that weigh you down physically, and mentally.

Foods such as cucumber, lettuce, celery, radishes and cauliflower all contain over 95% of water. Watermelon, spinach, grapefruit, and broccoli contain over 90% of water, all of which are great add-ins to omelets, salads, and sautés.

To keep it fresh and exciting, try adding fresh slices of fruit to stay hydrated and even allow you to gain the added nutritional benefits the fruit offers. Adding citrus fruits to your water will aid in digestion and serve as a metabolic enhancer, in addition to the great flavor. So drink up and stay hydrated!

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