Mighty, Mighty Mushrooms

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Food_Evolution_Slider_7Mushrooms carry some of the most valuable flu-fighting nutrients among our list. Not only are these little warriors low in calories, so your waistline need not be worried, but they contain vitamins and minerals vital to a healthy immune system.

Mushrooms have antibiotic properties, such as vitamin B, which protect the body from disease. The nutrients in mushrooms aid in digestion, stimulate the immune system and rid the respiratory system of excess (and unwanted) mucus.

lrd_22012013_0076The immune boosting nutrients in mushrooms provide anti-inflammatory compounds that will not only help in fighting off the flu but they aid in treating arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular disease as well. Adding a variety of wild mushrooms to your diet will provide a wealth of benefits. Pair the mighty mushroom with a sister super food to get the most out of your flu-fighting meals!

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